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Students of Bachelor Part I and Part II are informed that their forms will be filled up upto 25.02.2019 without late fine and upto 28.02.2019 with late fine. NoticeImages/  
Class Suspension from 02.03.2019 to 15.03.201902.03.2019NoticeImages/Class Suspend.jpg  
Science Day celebrated28.02.2019NoticeImages/Science day.jpg  
Information of ID Number and Email ID of students30.03.2019NoticeImages/Instruction.pdf  
All Students of Part 1 are requested to send their name and email id to the phone number 8609331058 either by message or by whatsapp on or before 09.05.201906.05.2019NoticeImages/  
Reservation Roster08.05.2019NoticeImages/reservation-roster.pdf  
The students who got the Student Satisfaction Survey mail sent by NAAC are requested to respond as soon as possible. Contact college if facing problem.17.05.2019NoticeImages/  
P.B.S. College-1st Merit List Subject wise11.06.2019NoticeImages/1560224889397_P B S College - First Merit List.pdf  
Notes By Dr Devanand Kumar14.07.2020NoticeImages/Notes By Dr Devanand Kumar.docx  
Notes by Dr K N Prasad14.07.2020NoticeImages/Notes by Dr K N Prasad.docx  
Pressures on Plane Surfaces by Prof Kailash Pandit14.07.2020NoticeImages/Pressures on Plane Surfaces by Prof Kailash Pandit.pdf  
Thrust on Plane Surfaces by Prof. Kailash Pandit14.07.2020NoticeImages/Thrust on Plane Surfaces by Prof. Kailash Pandit.pdf  
Total Thrust or Whole Pressure by Prof Kailash Pandit14.07.2020NoticeImages/Total Thrust or Whole Pressure by Prof Kailash Pandit.pdf  
Gaseous State by Prof Rajendra Kumar14.07.2020NoticeImages/Gaseous State by Prof Rajendra Kumar.pdf  
Liquid States by Prof Rajendra Kumar14.07.2020NoticeImages/Liquid States by Prof Rajendra Kumar.pdf